COVID-19’s Most Dangerous Symptom For The Elderly

At this point, most of us are very well versed in the symptoms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Headaches, shortness of breath, dry-coughing, fever, and fatigue round out the primary maladies plaguing infected populations around the globe. But there’s another symptom that can be equally as devastating, although, thankfully, not as deadly. Loneliness. While many Read More

Accident or Surgery Recovery Home Care

The first 24 hours after a trauma or surgery is a crucial window of time for the healing process. Having a caretaker around can be essential to patient recovery after an accident or surgery.  In order to recover from any kind of trauma, it is imperative that patients have the ability to fully rest and Read More

Tips to Stress-Free Traveling with a Senior

At some point in almost every adult’s life, there will be a circumstance where you will need to assist a senior with their travels. It may be for a family reunion, graduation, wedding, or vacation. Regardless, there are essential tips you need to consider before your next trip. Medical and Safety The first thing you Read More