Tech Savvy Grannies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest place for your elderly loved ones remains at home. Thankfully, today’s technology makes isolating at home a little easier. We live in an age of accessibility and immediacy. We choose our television shows and when we want to watch them, we schedule our deliveries, and we can have the cuisine of our choice arrive at our doorsteps in under an hour. We rely on technology to connect us with our friends and loved ones when we can’t physically be together. For younger generations, this technology comes naturally and intuitively. But for the elderly, operating smartphones and even computers can be a difficult, frustrating task. The population that arguably stands to benefit the most from these advances in tech during this time is unable to enjoy the benefits that would greatly improve their quality of life. Granny Nannies certified caretakers are here to help your elderly loved ones learn to utilize technology to mitigate the risk of venturing outside and bring comfort into their lives. Our care technicians can help them operate FaceTime with relatives and friends, order their favorite food and sanitize delivery boxes, and assist them with orders on Amazon, InstaCart, and more. Granny Nannies is here to lend a hand to keep isolated older populations more connected with the world, while providing much-needed companionship and assistance with any possible need. Call us today to schedule a free virtual consultation, and help your elderly loved one reconnect.