A Breath Of Fresh Air

According to the CDC’s latest COVID-19 guidelines, those who are fully vaccinated can now safely engage in outdoor activities without a mask. That means senior populations who have received both shots are one step closer to living a pre-pandemic lifestyle uninhibited by the virus. It also means plenty of fun ahead for the Spring and Summer months!

Spending time in the outdoors is not only safe, but a great healthy way for elderly populations to get some exercise, experience nature, and of course, interact with friends and family. All vital components of a healthy and happy life! While the virus may no longer pose a threat to taking a deep breath of fresh air, seniors can still use some assistance to safely and easily reincorporate outdoor activities and gatherings into their lifestyles. That’s why Granny Nannies is here to help!

Granny Nannies personalized senior care professionals are available to transport elderly populations to and from gatherings and monitor their well-being during more active endeavors. That includes fall prevention, carrying essential items, keeping them hydrated, keeping track of important medications, and, of course, providing much-needed companionship outside of the patient’s social circles. We can even handle grocery pick-up or meal prep to free up more time for socialization!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your senior safely reintegrate into normalcy and regain a healthy, active lifestyle. Call now to schedule a free virtual consultation!