Help Your Loved Ones Take Advantage of Spring and Summer

With spring in full swing and summertime just around the corner, there’s no better time to get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather (and a little bit of sunshine). Getting regular exercise is a critical component of living an active, healthy lifestyle, especially for seniors.

Enjoying some light exercise outside, especially given how many seniors have been cooped up indoors for the last year and a half, can lead to happier, healthier loved ones.

However, your elderly loved ones need to be protected when spending time outside and exercising. Though the benefits of regular exercise for the elderly are clear, there are also risks that come along with it.

To properly enjoy the outdoors, your loved ones need to take several precautions:

  • Spend plenty of time in the shade
  • Ensure that someone is there to help them move through areas that might be difficult to navigate
  • Ensure these areas are safe and secure

How Our Experienced Caregivers Help

While getting outdoors has many benefits, the risks can sometimes outweigh them, but only if your loved one doesn’t have the proper care.

Our caregivers take precautions to ensure that your loved ones are safe and protected while enjoying their time outside.

First, and above all, our caregivers are encouraged to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Though your loved one may already be vaccinated, an extra layer of safety certainly doesn’t hurt.

Our caregivers also continue to wear masks and follow social distancing protocols, keeping your loved ones away from others while still ensuring they’re able to get the exercise and time in the sun they need.

We work hard to ensure that the community we serve is protected in all ways. Our caregivers have a great deal of experience, are skilled at what they do, and will provide the companionship and warmth that your loved ones need while at the same time ensuring their safety.

Granny Nannies Is There for Your Loved Ones

No matter the level of care your loved ones need, Granny Nannies is here to help.

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