Finding good care for aging loved ones

As we proceed into the New Year, I hear each day the stories of people who face the challenges of aging. Individuals and families confront the need to plan for senior care and the stress that comes with meeting the costs. For those who face financial hardships, the available governmental Medicare and Medicaid programs have growing demands and limited funds.

Medicaid fund distribution

Right now, Florida is addressing a tight distribution of Medicaid funds. The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) is debating with other state officials and nursing care advocacy groups regarding a plan for equitable distribution of Medicaid funds between managed-care plans and funds for nursing homes. Florida’s nursing homes are by and large among the best in the country but are not cheap. Medicaid has helped to alleviate some costs but there is no consensus over how to stretch the dollars across the many nursing homes with varied services and costs. There’s just not enough public money to address nursing home needs.

In-home health care – a viable solution

Where does in-home care come into play? Granny NANNIES is among the most affordable, reliable and desirable options for people who can’t afford or don’t wish to enter nursing home care. Services are flexible and schedules tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We refer caregivers who are prepared and experienced in gentle, personal care. Caregiver services are designed to assist with the fundamental activities of daily life. We care about helping our clients to enjoy the comfort and safety of being at home and getting out when the client’s health allows. Contact us and find out how Granny NANNIES may be the best option for your senior loved one’s needs!