Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day Walk

At Granny NANNIES we love social events. We get to meet and mingle with the community, make new friends and contribute to important causes. This past Sunday our team ventured to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton to participate in the Parkinson’s Foundation’s Moving Day event. Many people of all ages and different backgrounds came to participate in the event. One thing I learned in more detail is that Parkinson’s affects a wide range of people and affects different people in different ways. There are numerous symptoms and evolving treatments to improve Parkinson’s patients’ quality of life and hopefully find cures for the many symptoms of Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism.

How can we best help people who live with this illness? Well, one way that was apparent in our walk is to keep people moving. A major theme of Moving Day was to encourage and help Parkinson’s patients walk and exercise their bodies as much as they can. We saw people doing yoga and other stretching exercises. Physical therapists were present to assist safe and productive movement. Many Parkinson’s patients participated fully in the walk and showed determination and courage in fighting their illness. Among them is a gentleman I met named Tony. I’ve known Tony because his former wife and best friend Wendy is my senior assistant. Tony is a young man in his early 50’s. He has developed Parkinson’s over the course of years and is now unable to speak. He is, however, very active and easily completed the walk with the rest of Granny NANNIES’ team. He was a great encouragement to all of us because of his great nature and positive attitude.

Parkinson’s Foundation stresses the importance of expert care. Many experts from hospitals and medical clinics set up tables at the event and the ones I spoke to had displays of new medicines and treatments that are greatly improving people’s lives at a very rapid pace. There are very talented and determined experts who are making big strides in conquering this illness.

How else can we help Parkinson’s patients maintain a good quality of life? For many, the need for in-home care is very important. Granny NANNIES assigns trained and skilled caregivers who can assist with activities of daily living like support and guidance with walking, transferring, getting in and out of a car and general exercise. Personal care with hygiene, bathing and dressing, oral care and grooming. Many Parkinson’s patients require assistance with meal preparation, serving and eating. These are all services available with quality caregivers at an affordable price. If you or a loved one needs these kinds of services, give us a call.

Granny NANNIES had a wonderful time at the Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day walk. We encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the great work they do! Visit them at